How is Shopify 2.0 different than Shopify 1.0?

Confused About Shopify 2.0? Don’t Worry We Have Written A Complete Guide To Shopify 2.0.

On June 29, 2021, At Shopify’s Live Unite Event, Online Store 2.0 Was Announced. This Is A Major Improvement By E-commerce Giant Shopify. Shopify Has Handled Over $200 Billion In Sales And Is Trusted By Some Of The World’s Most Well-known Brands.

Introduction To Shopify 2.0

The New Features In Online Store 2.0 Come With A Completely New Editing Experience. Merchants Can Easily Build A Great Store, Add Multiple Theme Extensions, And Manage Apps Within A Theme Using The New Editor. The New Editor’s Goal Was To Bring All Of The Existing Features And Functions Together In One Place.

Ultimately, Shopify Has Released A Variety Of Tools To Help Developers Provide A Faster, More Regular, And Dependable Development Experience. Online Store 2.0 Is Ubiquitous. With Shopify 2.0, Anyone Can Establish, Configure, Scale, And Monetize Their Own Shopify Store.

Shopify 2.0 Changes For Merchants

  • Brand New Theme Editor
  • Metafields
  • App Blocks & App Modularity
  • File Picker
  • Default Themes

Shopify 2.0 Changes For Developers

  • Liquid Input Settings
  • Shopify Github Integrations
  • New Developer Tools
  • Shopify CLI
  • Bulk Mutation API
  • Theme Check

Let’s Get Started!

1] Enhanced UI Of Theme Editor

The Theme Editor Has Been Upgraded; The Latest Version Makes It Much Easier To Navigate And Comprehend Your Site’s Hierarchy. It Centralizes All Operations And Allows You To Use Your Site In A More Logical Manner. This Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Effort And Make Updating And Changing Your Store Much Easier.

2] New Shopify Theme With Sections On Each Page

Shopify Sections Are Fully Customizable Chunks Or Blocks That Give Store Owners More Control Over Page Design. Earlier This Modular Block Was Available Only On The Homepage Of Online Store 1.0. They Are Now Available Across Your Store With 2.0, Giving You More Freedom.

In A Nutshell, Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 Adds Sections To Each Page Of A Shopify Store, Allowing Retailers To Create, Remove, And Re-design Sections Across The Store. This New Feature Release Has The Potential To Completely Change The Ecommerce Game.

So, How Does This Affect You? You Can, For Example:

You Can Build & Re-arrange Features Such As

  • Collection Page
  • Product Add
  • New Pages
  • Build New Themes With Each Page Sections
  • For A Better User Experience, Move Your Add-to-cart Button, Pricing, Or Product Titles To A Different Location.
3] Metafields Are Now Available.

Metafields Are Extra Pieces Of Data, As A Merchant, You Have Full Freedom To Add Whatever Features You Want To The Product Page, Including Space For Extra Information That May Be Useful To Possible Buyers, Such As A Sizing Graph Or Ingredient List. The Meta Fields Can Be Used To Update Anything That Isn’t Suitable To Display In The Store.   

For Any Page, Product, Or Collection’s Content, Shopify Formerly Just Allowed The Page Title And A Single Rich Text Editor.

Without The Use Of Apis Or Third-party Apps, Shopify Has Developed Its Own Meta Field Feature That Can Be Modified Directly On The Product, Or Collection Page.

4] Online Store 2.0 Github Integration

In Github Connection To Online Store 2.0, You Can Link Your User Account To A Shopify Admin And Link Git Branches To Store Themes. You Can Modify, Track, And Manage Theme Code Changes Thanks To Native Support For Version Control:

The Connection With Github Makes It A Lot Easier To Track And Manage New Theme Development And Maintenance. Developers Working On The Client’s Store Can Set Up A Workflow In Which Improvements To The Theme Are Evaluated Before They Are Applied To The Live Theme And Merged On Github After The Review Is Complete.

5] Shopify CLI

“CLI” Stands For “Command-line Interface.” The Shopify CLI Tool Has Been Updated As Well. Previously, App Developers Had To Use The CLI Tool To Build Node.js And Ruby On Rails Apps, But With The Recent Updates, Developers May Now Use CLI To Create Custom Themes.

The CLI Tools Can Make The Development Process Easy And Get You Started With The Online Store 2.0 Quickly.

6] Theme App Extensions, App Modularity & Blocks

Shopify 2.0’s App Blocks Allow Apps To Smoothly Connect With Themes. Developers Don’t Have To Write Integration Logic For Each Theme Anymore.

7] Bulk Mutation API

Bulk Operation Run Mutation Endpoints Help Export Data In Bulk More Efficiently Compare To Graphml.

8] New Files API

You Can Use The File Api To Create, Update, And Delete Standard Files. It Enables Programmers To Reuse Files Between Numerous Apps.

The New Online Editor Allows All Users To Create Extra Customizable Store Content That May Be Used Within Bespoke Pages.

9] Thanks To Dawn Theme

Online Store 2.0 Dawn Theme Is The Latest Shopify Theme Open Source. It Is Built With Denotative Markup With Html & Css To Make Fabulous Experiences On Each Browser.

Features Of Dawn Theme

  • An Open Source Theme
  • Easy To Use
  • More Flexible
  • Impressive Shopify Dawn Theme Editor, And More.

Do You Know? The Dawn Theme Is 35% Quicker To Load Websites Than The Debut Theme. And Also Dawn Theme Removes All The Useless Or Unused Scripts From The Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions: Shopify Online Store 2.0
1] How Much Does Online Store 2.0 Cost?

Answer – Online Store 2.0 Is Absolutely Free And Included In Your Plan If You Have An Active Shopify Store With A Paid Plan And A Suitable Theme. Rather Than Being An Add-on Feature, Online Store 2.0 Is Built To Completely Change The Way Shopify Stores Currently Operate.

2] Which Shopify Plan Includes Online Store 2.0?

Answer – Online Store 2.0 Is Not An Add-on Feature, It’s An Update. So Online Store 2.0 Works With All Plans.

3] Will My Current Store Work Fine Or Not?

Answer – Absolutely, Shopify Is Not Suspending The Old-fashioned Theme, Your Store Will Run Properly.

4] Are My Store And Theme Compliant For Online Store 2.0?

Answer – It Will Depended On The Theme You’re Using, So Remember To Check Compatibility Before Installing A New Theme.

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