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It all started in the year 2018 when Jignesh Jani (Founder) and Jagat Dave (Co-Founder) collectively decided to register “LEMOLITE TECHNOLOGIES LLP” under StartUp India scheme and received a Certificate of Recognition also.

Lemolite Technologies LLP was started with a thought process to develop a platform for our own start-up. But as we went deeper into research and developing phase, we explored similar other enthusiastic people like us wanting to frame their crazy ideas into reality. So, then we decided to help them develop ideas into Mobile Apps that could change the course of today’s market. This is how it all inspired us to do something different with a strong vision in mind. While we were working on a mission to turn people’s ideas into a Mobile App we soon discovered that E-Commerce platform is trending with a lot of hidden opportunities waiting. Lemolite Technologies LLP wanted to deliver solutions in eCommerce industry by giving an amazing online shopping experience.


LemoliteTechnologies aims at becoming one of the recognized eCommerce online solutions provider especially with the Shopify platform for developing engaging online stores with a maximum threshold value of ROI for our client. We are gearing up ourselves to be one of the go-to Shopify store development firms not only assisting for redesigning, modification and maintenance for a completely new store but giving a rich and user-friendly experience to the shoppers who visit the stores of our clients.

Founder’s quick a look:

Jignesh Jani (Founder) – A Creative cum visionary Engineer who dreamt of developing something innovative service or product that would create high-end value in the targeted sector of the market. Having a never give up mindset for framing ideas from scratch to shaping to creating mesmerizing eCommerce stores, determined to leave a significant mark of his works in the sector. Being highly active in the IT sector since his schoolings, he has been associated with two other start-ups along with his dream company Lemolite Technologies LLP.

Jagat Dave (Co-Founder)– A leading technocrat in Mobile Developments and himself being a Senior iOS developer with having concrete 6 years of experience in the IT sector Jagat Dave has all the technical capabilities to push for breakthrough innovations and carry forward a vision set for the company Lemolite Technologies LLP.